Behind the Scenes

Photo by Tori Gatling

Photo by Tori Gatling

A personal column by Liam Gaughan.

Upon entering the Hilton DFW Lakes in Grapevine for UNT’s Mayborn Nonfiction Literary Conference, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I attended as part of the 2015 Mayborn Multimedia High School Journalism Conference. While I’ve always been interested in writing and journalism, I had a hard time finding programs that fit my interest – namely finding other people that shared my passion. The UNT camp was not just a great experience to work alongside some really interesting students and journalists, but also learn some new skills.

Writing has always interested me and the UNT camp gave me the chance to learn about some different styles. Reporting the news is one thing, but covering a sensitive topic like multiculturalism or structural racism is different. While covering the discussion of  society racism led by journalists Jeff Chang and Chris Vognar, I enjoyed digging deeper into these issues and embedding the thoughts of these journalists into a news story.

Though I primarily work as a writer, I really enjoyed working with the camera and editing programs. In working with some limited environments, there’s potential for a variety of creative shots to pull together B-roll and find interesting places to shoot interviews. The editing software was also something I enjoyed working with; piecing together a story is a difficult process, but I enjoyed working with a different form of storytelling.

There are many ways of telling the news—be it traditional print, broadcast journalism, blogging, podcasting, or tweeting, but in the end, they’re all bound by the same concept of spreading the truth in a meaningful and informative way. By participating in this camp, I enjoyed learning about the modernized formats of journalism, and the universal principles that maintain their relevance.



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